Design Services

Fifi & Coco Interiors offers design expertise

and collaboration for any size project.

Every project is unique whether it is an hourly consultation,

a single room remodel or an entire home renovation.

We also own a studio filled with special vintage & current pieces to offer a variety of options for lighting, art,

mirrors, furniture, and decor for every project.


At Fifi and Coco Interiors, we believe that creating great design is achieved through collaboration, trust and wisdom.

Design Process


We provide in home or in office

consultations at an hourly rate.

These usually involve field measurements,

photo taking, brainstorming and discussing

project goals, budget and deadlines.

We gladly provide a sample contract and

a brief introduction to how our business

operates to insure confidence and understanding for all of our clients. 


We take the time to get to know each client and what their style is.

When choosing materials, furniture, and finishes we make each design decision unique for every client. Whether items within a project are pieces that are sentimental and

being reused, brand new, or from our studio, we make sure that

everything we incorporate

is functional, specific and

meaningful for each client's project. 


Throughout the entire design process

we stay in constant communication to create a seamless, worry-free experience where each client feels confident that

what is being chosen is right for them. 

We are happy to provide 2-D floorplans,

3-D drawings for custom furniture

and room designs, as well as vision

boards and samples for any project.

We understand that many times,

being able to see design ideas drawn out and explained helps encourage

inspiration and confidence. 


We help clients create a space that is unique to them, especially to their needs. Whatever needs to be designed, our team will be sure that it is designed correctly and exactly how our client needs it. As the design visions start to become reality, our team keeps in constant communication with not only our clients but also the builders, vendors, and all other important individuals involved in each project. Transparent operations and open communication helps us create trust with our clients and makes the creating phase as stress free as possible. 


Whether the project is one room or

an entire house, we supply design

wisdom and guidance for everything

down to the fine details.

As each project nears its completion,

we start focusing on accessorizing

and adding the final touches.

The styles and preferences of

each client are taken into special consideration for every decision

we make so that the finished

design looks thoroughly

thought out and exactly how

the client anticipates it to turn out. 

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