Design Services

Fifi and Coco Interiors is a full range interior design firm with offerings for projects of all sizes

and complexion, from one room or an entire house, we deliver expertise and guidance

down to the finest details.

As we work with clients on major re-models and restoration projects as well as new construction, we work closely with architects and builders assuring our clients the home they envisioned functions perfectly. With over 30 years of expertise, we have learned that the most successful projects are those that encourage homeowners to collaborate on ideas to be incorporated into our design process. We understand that everyone lives differently, and we pride ourselves in providing our clients with homes that reflect their unique lifestyle and interests. Every project is treated with originality, showcasing the homeowner’s spirit and making sure the home is their personal sanctuary.

Fifi and Coco Interiors also maintains a studio filled with curated furnishings ranging from vintage selections, to new and custom pieces. Our offerings allow you that one of kind option for an exclusive statement piece. We also source refinishing, re-upholstery and specialty furniture painting to give you that distinctive look. Additionally, we can design custom furniture to fit into any space that just cannot be sourced through a manufacturer.

At Fifi and Coco Interiors, we believe that creating excellence in design is achieved

through collaboration, communication and comprehension.

The greatest designs are timeless and elegant, yet livable for any style of interiors.

Our Process

Step One - The Design Consultation

- A one hour in home or in office complimentary consultation

Develop an understanding of your specific goals, determine your budget and expectations

- Explain our services including qualifications and billing practices

- Provide a sample contract with a brief introduction to our business operations 

- Reassure understanding and confidence of our transparency policies 

During this first meeting please make sure all decision-making individuals involved are present. We use this initial consultation to see whether we are a good fit for each other, and if our services are the best option for your project. 

Step Two - The Contract

- A meeting is held to present the contractual agreement stating the scope of the project based on

information derived in initial meeting

- Both parties agree on and sign documents 

- We receive a deposit as stipulated in contract 

- Establish the commencement of project

Our full spectrum design services are strictly contract based. Once we receive the deposit or retainer fee,

we can begin designing! 

Step Three - The Project Launch

- A third meeting is scheduled within the location of the project

- Photographing and measuring all of the existing furnishings along with determining art or collections to be incorporated into the new design 

- Establishing comprehensive requirements for specific areas with all parties involved in the project

- Discuss how we will work together as a team to meet expectations 

Starting any project with comprehensive goals in mind is key. We make sure to keep in constant communication

with our clients, builders and all other individuals involved during all parts of the project. We pride ourselves

in transparent operations and ensuring trust with our clients, we are always aiming to create a

seamless, worry-free experience!

Step Four - The Creative Process

- Acquire accurate field measurements and photos of existing structure or analysis of blueprints for new construction

- Assemble any other pertinent information necessary to proceed with construction and design drawings

- Generate digital floor plans to show several options for furniture placement

- Create concept boards if required

- Propose options on furnishings, fabrics, lighting, flooring, etc.

- Select materials and finishes, provide samples 

- Determine procurements necessary and establish a timeline

Now that we have a complete profile along with the scope of the project and involvement with builders and architects, the inspired development can begin​! Many times, being able to see design ideas in drawings is a huge help and encourages inspiration. Our 2-D and 3-D drawings assist clients in being able to visualize exactly how a space evolves. We aim for function and aesthetics with all furniture, materials, and finishes chosen and we provide samples of all items possible before proceeding with purchases.

Step Five - The Construction Phase

- Originate work orders and purchase orders for items to be completed and delivered corresponding to the construction calendar

- Inspect installations on site, meeting with all individuals involved to ensure everything is done

accurately and timely 

- Assist in all aspects of the construction process when required

We understand the difficulties of construction for small and large-scale projects. We can help you feel more prepared and comfortable every step of the way. We know that some problems need to be addressed early on during this phase to avoid extra costs later. As we move through this phase, it is exciting to see the project beginning to take shape. 

Step Six - The Finishing Touches

​- Schedules are determined for all elements of installation

- Installation of art and draperies by our trusted professionals 

- Deliveries of furnishings set up in your home by our responsible movers, accompanied by our staff

- Accessorizing of final touches, personal collections displayed and edited by our trained staff

The style and preferences of our clients are taken into consideration especially during this phase so that the

finished design looks thoroughly thought out and is exactly what the client anticipated. This phase can

be exciting and stressful, and we are here to help make it as seamless as possible. Your home should feel

like your sanctuary when concluded.  

Visual Services

During our creative process for every design project, we offer a variety of design services

that are provided digitally. These allow us to provide a visual depiction of our designs to help clients, builders, and contractors understand the vision we have. Our digital design services 

include concept boards for each room, 2-D CAD drawings ranging from one room furniture

layouts to entire home construction documents, as well as 3-D models and renderings of

proposed room layouts and custom furniture designs. We utilize these digital designs to

meet each of our client's specific needs. 

Concept Boards
Jan Han Home Office Mood Board example 4
Upton-Hughes residence Lower Level Bathr
2-D Floor Plans & Elevations
Jan Hand Floor Plan.JPG
elevation 2.JPG
floor plan.JPG
3-D Models & Renderings
rendering 2.JPG
Vanity in color with dimensions 8-22-19.
rendering 1.JPG